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Fragile is both an adjective and according to Franco Gobbi, celebrity  hair-stylist, and Manuela Affatato, co-founder, a way to represent the  delicate balance between the human nature and the planet we live  on. In fact, in 2017 Fragile was “depicted” by Franco in a book and an  art exhibition. 

A visual journey, symbolized by abstract images, in which the faces of  our time’s most iconic women inspired by the shapes of nature go on  to embody goddesses. Later, enchanted by the harmony of water,  earth and plants of the Mediterranean landscape, passion was born  between Franco and Manuela, both of them sharing the love for  nature and beauty

Fragile Cosmetics was born from this synergy, combining Franco’s  experience in the world of luxury beauty with the research,  development and innovation capacity of Manuela. Fragile Cosmetics  has made tangible a concept which until then was only a visual idea.


Each of the Fragile Cosmetics body and hair products is vegan, cruelty-free and made of at least 98% natural ingredients. The highly effective ingredients are parabens, sulphates and petroleum free. Each one contains an exceptional blend of essential oils and natural ingredients, carefully selected for their beauty-giving properties, in complete respect for nature with a conscious approach to agricultural cultivation.  


Offering a multisensory Genderless experience through natural, ecological body and hair products, that soak you into the beauty of nature without neglecting the staple refinement and quality of a product completely made in Italy designed for everyone. Fragile Cosmetics harnesses the power of body and hair products with organic, sustainable, ecological ingredients, with fragrance and pakaging unisex for lovers of nature.

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